Hosting a Bridal Shower

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Laura Leathers
Copyright 2005

The Invitation:

(Insert the Name of Bride) is the Bride-to-Be.

It’s a time of celebration you see.

A Bridal Blessing Tea is planned for Three,

On (Insert Date) at the home of (Insert Location) it will be.

So write from your heart to hers, your best marriage advice,

It can be a note in a book or simply a card would be nice.

For in the years to come, there are sure to be times that are trying.

And your wit and wisdom may have her laughing till she is crying.

A special wooden box will be given to hold these special treasures,

Placed in her new home, the blessings it holds will bring great pleasure.

About nine years ago, I was invited to speak and cater a tea for a new bride.  The hostess asked me for some ideas and I suggested she call the bridal shower a Bridal Blessing Tea.  In addition to the gifts the guests were to bestow upon the bride, I recommended she purchase a special box and ask each guest to share a piece of marriage wisdom–something they had learned through their marriage.  The guests were given special instructions on how this could be accomplished.  They could buy a book, place a small gift in the box, or write a short note or a lengthy letter.

This special box was presented to the bride at the very end of the shower.  She opened each card, book, and little gift.  We laughed and even cried as she shared bits and pieces of what each woman had written.  It was truly a special time for all who attended and it truly a memory-making moment.  Afterwards the bride gave me a big hug and said this was the best gift she had received.

I wonder what special treasures the box holds today?  Maybe there are more love letters from her husband, locks of hair from her children, perhaps pictures of special moments, or a child’s first drawing.  How many times has she gone back to read the wise words of her mother, aunt, grandmothers, relatives, and friends?  I hope it has been a source of blessing to her.

(Look for a wooden box at antique stores, craft stores, and furniture stores.)

About Laura Leathers

Laura is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is the founder of Tea Time Treasures, a ministry promoting Biblical Hospitality ( Currently she is employed as an administrative assistant within a detention center—ministry in the marketplace. Laura received her Women's Ministry Certificate Advanced Degree from New Orleans Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of Speak Up with Confidence Seminars (Basic and Advanced) and CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speaker Services). Over the years she has served as a Bible teacher, conference speaker and a free-lance writer.

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