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Practice is Over–It’s Time to Start Leading

Kellie Renfroe
In the arena of leadership it is easy to fall into a continual state of learning without fully stepping into the responsibility. There comes a time to close the leadership books and pull back on conference attendance to concentrate on actually leading. Whether it is ministry or marketplace endeavors, the key to leadership is leading.

From Distraction to Order

Beba Schlottmann
Some years ago I wrote a poem about distractions. At the time I was in the middle of a busy schedule and felt as if I was going to lose my mind. Instead of lashing out at those around me out of frustration or having a breakdown, I put my thoughts to ink and paper. Journaling has proven to be a helpful approach for me during times of stress over the years.

It is amazing how much you can encourage yourself by simply taking time to organize the thoughts and emotions that could easily influence how you deal with life. When you have order in your life things seem to fall into place and God’s voice is clearer. But let’s be honest, order does not come easily for those of us who are constantly on the go.

Keeping the Tongue in Check

Beba Schlottmann Nothing will tarnish your testimony more than engaging in back-stabbing gossip and slander with co-workers. I recall one of my husband’s assignments to minister at a church–we had just been hired and were having lunch with the staff. The pastor could not come …